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Hairlace I, 2020, Beverley Duckworth.jpg

Hairlace I, 2020

Discarded hair and latex, 76 x 35 x 6cm

Hairlace II, 2020, Beverley

Hairlace II, 2020

Discarded hair and latex, 101 x 36 x 6cm

Within the body conscious culture of Western society, we are preoccupied with hair care, but we find hair repulsive when it becomes detached from ourselves. At the same time, there is an expectation that the female body should be smooth and hairless, with a consequent ‘shame’ attached to women’s body hair. 


Drawing on notions of femininity and the discarded, of attraction and disgust, ‘Hairlace’ proposes a beauty in which women’s bodies are reclaimed for themselves.

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